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Some reasons not to pirate vBTube and using nulled software!

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  • Some reasons not to pirate vBTube and using nulled software!

    1. You never know what viruses you’ll get

    Pirated software often contains malicious code which may put your forum at risk of being hacked,
    can cause a wide array of software problems and may even expose private information to the wrong people.
    Did you ever think about, why hackers crack software? They put viruses into it!

    2. You want good stable software

    Running a fast stable forum is very important for your users!

    3. You want frequent updates

    Every software has bugs wich have to be fixed fast.

    4. You want support, if something is not working as it should

    We help to install and get it work.

    5. Stealing is morally wrong

    Pirating software is no different from walking into a store and stealing something. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

    6. Stealing software is illegal, too

    Stealing software is a serious offense, punishable by law. It can carry massive fines and even result in jail time.

    7. Pirated plugins may cause to close your forum

    If we detect a illegal installation, we'll contact your hosting immediately. If you don't have a license you get into
    risk to close your board. Is it that worth?

    8. Karma is a b****!

    You don’t want people to steal something from you, right? By using pirated software, you’re signaling an indifference
    o rightful ownership, and chipping away at your moral high ground when trying to sell your own work.

    Have you checked lately how super-affordable vBTube has become?

    A simple style has a price of $50 - $80 USD.

    We worked months to code vBTube. Please respect our work.

    Thank you very much / Murat