vBTube Video CMS for vBulletin

Features vBTube 5 vBTube 4
Add from external video pages Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook Youtube, Vimeo
Youtube Browser
Search all embedable/playable videos from youtube. Please register to test.
Yes Yes
Youtube Browser Multi-Add Yes No
Youtube Browser One-Click Add Yes Yes
Youtube Browser Watch
Watch videos wich are not added in your gallery. They look they are already added.
Yes Yes
Youtube Browser Watch
Share videos wich are not added in your gallery to Social Networks.
Yes Yes
Youtube Browser Facebook Comment Plugin
Note: Videos are not added but your users can comment with facebook !
Yes Yes
Create categories (subcategories depth 2 -> Main / Sub) Yes Yes
Add html advertisements easily through acp / Top / Side / Bottom / Below video Yes Yes
Latest comments box on index page Yes Yes
Show videos only from 1 category or 4 categories on the index page Yes Yes
Confirm videos before publishing Yes Yes
Check twice videos before adding Yes Yes
Check video is not available anymore after added and move to confirmation queue list (Only youtube videos) Yes Yes
Fetch videos from user profiles to vBTube Yes No
Fetch videos from youtube browser wich get a comment Yes No
Own player logo (Overlay to the player, only youtube and vimeo) Yes Yes
Seo Urls (mod_rewrite required) Yes Yes
HTML5 Responsive Design (Ready for Smartphones, Tablets) Yes Yes
Sharing Options: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Whatsapp on mobile hardware Yes Yes
Sitemap generator (only links) Yes No
Forum PHP Modules Yes No
vBTube 5 (vBulletin 5)

All updates included for vBTube 5.x !

Requirements: Running vBulletin 5.x
Youtube API Key
Facebook Access Token
vBTube 4 (vBulletin 4)

Download vBTube 4 Free

Requirements: Running vBulletin 4.x
Youtube API Key

Branding Free Option: No link to vbtube.com below video and footer.

After your purchase >> please pm me your forum url and paypal email adress <<

For further questions, please ask in the pre sales forum.

Thank you.